LightSpeed Lift for


Elevate the success of your clinic with LightSpeed Lift’s lift from the hip technology.

  • Assure safety and confidence for patients and therapists
  • Offer a functional, dynamic training environment
  • Expand patient base and markets
  • Add a new dimension to patient management & rehabilitation
  • Create transformational results

Clinical Use: 

  • Therapeutic Exercise with Anti-Gravity training
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Gait Training
  • Post operative conditioning prior to full body weight training
  • Stress fracture and soft tissue deload training

set your clinic apart by introducing antigravity training & rehabilitation

This Lightspeed LIft is for you

Overhead Safety Harness

(Not pictured here.) Eliminate the risk of falling with an overhead harness attachment.

Easy Variable Support

Adjustable attachment bars allow for customized support and control.

Body Weight Support

Support cords reduce bodyweight by up to 60 lbs.

Compression Shorts/Belt

Patented lift from the hip technology provides an anchor point for the tri-planar lift.

Universal Frame

Compatible with any treadmill.


The LSX-500 patented body weight support system helps provide a fluid and natural gait to patients with cardiac, orthopedic and neurological conditions. This model is ideal for all PT clinics and hospitals wanting increased patient volumes and higher success rates.

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LightSpeed Lift Gait Kinetics Analysis

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Health & Business Benefits of LightSpeed Lift

Benefits for clients and patients • Grow your clinic services or gym offering • Understand the LightSpeed Lift ROI

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