• How does LightSpeed Lift work?

    The LightSpeed Lift is a treadmill add-on* that works by creating a tri-planar lift at the user’s hip joint, relieving from 10kg and up to 30 kilograms of their body weight. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and maximum range of motion.

    *Treadmill not included with the purchase of a LightSpeed Lift

  • What is the LightSpeed Lift used for?

    The LightSpeed Lift is used for treating and training athletes and physical therapy patients. The device is great for the following uses:

    Advancing everyday movementAchieving a fluid, natural gaitInjury rehab & preventionBalance improvementsCardio, speed & endurance training.

  • How affordable is the LightSpeed Lift?

     LightSpeed Lift is affordable for sports medicine centres, allied health clinics, sporting clubs and home gyms.

    Each model comes with a universal frame, a LightSpeed Lift Belt, and two pairs of Magic Shorts. Add-ons and shipping are additional. Onsite setup and training are available.

    Other antigravity technology can cost in excess of $65000

    The Lightspeed lift fits on top of any model treadmill, doesn't break down and will not cost over $10000 (ex gst)

    This makes the LightSpeed Lift extremely affordable giving all clinics and clubs access to an antigravity device at a great pricepoint.

  • Can I test a LightSpeed Lift before I buy one?

    Yes, there are two ways to test a LightSpeed Lift before buying one.

    1. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will need to cover the cost to return the LSL to our office in Melbourne

    2. Each major city in Australia and New Zealand will soon have a number of centres with a LightSpeed Lift. We can arrange a demonstration for you!

  • What is a body weight support system?

    A body weight support system is any device designed to relieve weight from a person’s body. It is also known as an antigravity device.

  • Is the LightSpeed Lift easy to assemble?

    The LightSpeed Lift is very easy to assemble. All you have to do is bolt together the handcrafted steel frame and place it around your treadmill. The elastic cords that create the tri-planar support clip easily to the frame. Once set up, you’re ready to begin any movement program.

    If you would prefer not to instal and set up the Lightspeed Lift we offer LSL installations at a cost.