Outpace the competition

Built to alleviate pain and stress on bones and joints, LightSpeed Lift Body Weight Support (BWS) anti-gravity systems relieve impact force and enhance natural movement and balance. Unlike other body weight support devices, LightSpeed Lift’s patented lift from the hip technology tailors to both athletes and physical therapy patients’ wants and needs at a reasonable price.

Patented Lift from the Hip Technology

LightSpeed Lift’s patented body weight support system creates tri-planar lift at the user’s center of motion — their hip joint — to relieve up to 40 pounds of impact force from bones and joints. This simple, yet revolutionary design provides athletes and patients with universal support and maximum range of motion. Find out which model is most suitable for you or your facility.

Two Ways to lift

Magic Shorts

The LightSpeed Magic Shorts couple with the system’s biasing cords to create a tight range of support at the hip joint — even during long, fast, or challenging runs. These moisture-wicking compression shorts allow the user to move comfortably during any exercise.

Lift belt

The LightSpeedLift Beltis used over street clothing, providing a quick, secure attachment. The Lift Belt has a universal fit and is a convenient way for people to use the system.

History of Lightspeed

The LightSpeed Lift Origin Story Told by Malcolm Macaulay Physical Therapist and Founder of LightSpeed Lift.

The Injury

A patient came to me after a severe neck injury. Even as the injury healed, it was continually aggravated by my patient’s greatest love: running. The impact force from this specific action made pain resonate through his body with each step.

The Solution

For my patient to run without pain, it made theoretical sense to lessen the impact force by supporting his body weight. So, I came up with a solution using a boat winch, a fish scale, a traction harness, and a treadmill. These were the parts that formed the very first version of the LightSpeed Lift.

The Result

With the weight lifted from my patient, significantly reducing the force of impact, he was able to run on the treadmill with no pain. I’ll never forget the smile on his face that day. Soon, I began to treat runners with body weight support therapy regularly. Their smiles were similar.

Moving Forward

Today, LightSpeed Lift has evolved into a simple frame around the treadmill, a pair of compression shorts, and a pair of high-tension elastic bands.

In today’s healthcare system, body weight support devices are not easily accessible. Our mission at LightSpeed Lift is to change that — providing access not just for patients but for everyone.