LightSpeed Lift for

Home Gyms

Run better, faster and lighter with LightSpeed Lift’s lift from the hip technology.

  • Safe and secure training in the comfort of your own home
  • Prevent overuse injuries
  • Maximize treadmill performance

Estimated return per unit: Improved form, performance and neuromuscular control

This Lightspeed LIft is for you

Easy Variable Support

Adjustable attachment bars allow for customized support and control.

Body Weight Support

Support cords reduce bodyweight by up to 40 lbs or 60 lbs with Super Lift Belt.

Compression Shorts/Belt

Patented lift from the hip technology provides an anchor point for the tri-planar lift.

Universal Frame

Compatible with any treadmill.


Built to improve the gait of athletes and orthopedic patients, the LS-300 helps advance everyday movement and balance. This model is ideal for home use.

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LightSpeed Lift Gait Kinetics Analysis

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Health & Business Benefits of LightSpeed Lift

Benefits for clients and patients • Grow your clinic services or gym offering • Understand the LightSpeed Lift ROI

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